Wow – Wednesday went fast!

Wow…a long day at work, a short dinner, and a few diversions, now it’s 9:30 and the only “news” that I know of is that Canon released a firmware update for 2 cameras in the line – the 5D and the 30D.  News hit the wire yesterday, and there’s a pretty good synopsis of it at the Adorama site, along with links to grab the updates.  Check it out here:  Canon Firmware Updates

In other news, today it seems Macworld got the bead on a new X-Rite product, called the Colormunki Photo

I am sure other news is out there to be had, but I’ve still got a frog in my throat, so will have to assume y’all know the news reels for the day.  Since it’s kind of a skimpy web gem Wednesday, here’s a POTD I contributed to a thread over at the NAPP forums, theme of the thread:  BOATS

Cypress Gardens, SC

Enjoy the break from the weekly post-news.  We’ll catch up more tomorrow.  As always, happy shooting and watch those apertures!

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