Workflow – ACR vs DNG which way to go?

Recently two of the blogs that I read brought some meaningful insight on individual work flow perspectives. The first was Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider, where he had a few people criticize his critique of camera raw in Photoshop CS3, Lightroom, and Bridge. It was a pretty good and informative post, but a select few saw that as an opportunity to say that he was not giving Apple’s Aperture a fair shake. He actually replied to the comments (which he normally doesn’t do), and with quite an effective argument. This was quite the departure from his normal style, where he has just a few things to say and they are punctuated by pictures, as he likes the visual aids. The ultimate point though, was that Scott is very much a fan of the Adobe Camera Raw in his work flow and post processing of prints.

The other was Mike Johnston’s The Online Photographer. TOP is a great blog if you like to read, but is not very often written with the visual learner or “reader” in mind. The post that struck me was Mike’s Friday post, where he espouses “What to Buy” and his thoughts on the DNG format. While quite interesting, it’s not exactly in keeping with my thoughts on post processing.

Since I am more of an ACR guy than a DNG guy, it’s really going to be beside the point to discuss my feelings on work flow and post processing. Instead I am goig to take a different tack here and say that work flow is really up o whatever works best for the individual. I know some people that go with open sourced options like GIMP, and that is equally viable if the results are acceptable to the photographer. It’s ultimately a matter of this – opinion!

All of this brings me to my final point, and that is really about the nature of blogging itself. Blogging, as much as we like to think otherwise at times, is just our personal opinions. I think sometimes we get wrapped up in promoting certain ends, and I am equally guilty of that here at CB – I promote my own photography, ideals that I believe in, and software and hardware that I use. Nevertheless, it is, after all, just my opinion.

So, partly in response to those that started giving Scott K. a hard time, and in defense of Mike’s DNG work flow with the Pentax – lest we begin to take ourselves or others begin to take us too seriously, we are all just promoting our own opinions on subjects related to photography. It’s definitely useful though as different thoughts and opinions and ideas are what inspires each and every one of us to new levels of creativity and original thoughts. So, my hats off to all the blogging world, but this weekend, most especially to Scott K. and Mike J. for being on the leading edge of the topical content for photography.

In closing, I’d like to open the comment section up for others to share their thoughts and opinions on work flow, and blogging in general if you like. What work flow style do you prefer? Do you act on the recommendations of fellow bloggers, fellow photographers, or on other resources? Don’t forget to get out and shoot too though, so happy shooting and watch those apertures!

In the spirit of keeping things light-heartedly, and as a “make-up” for the short post yesterday, here’s the weekly best from What the Duck!

What the DUck - Friday, April 25th

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4 comments for “Workflow – ACR vs DNG which way to go?

  1. April 26, 2008 at 4:15 pm


    I totally agree with your thoughts on blogging. The best part of blogging is that it is each person’s own opinion and writings. If everyone wrote the same, safe stuff, it wouldn’t be a very interesting world! I appreciate the Scott Kelbys and other similar folks in the world that are willing to put themselves out there, knowing that some cranky person is likely to spout off.

    As far as workflow goes, I really like shooting in RAW (my Canon 40D won’t shoot directly to DNG) and then converting to DNG on import. I then use Lightroom to edit, which is GREAT.


  2. April 28, 2008 at 4:37 am

    Thanks for the feedback and input Brian, and congrats to you! I bet you’ve had a busy weekend! (Go check out his blog for those of you that don’t know…big news in the Reyman household!)

  3. dslrpundit
    June 29, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    I love how you share your thoughts about different photography related topics through blogging. I am a photography based blogger too, from Canada. I prefer DNGs over ACR for their wide compatibility.

  4. David Bridges
    July 14, 2017 at 3:56 am

    Great article! I prefer shooting in DNG and since I have Leica M10 and DNG is its native format.

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