Welcome to the neighborhood!

Not sure if you all remember when we moved a while back, and our first day in, the next door neighbors called Animal Control because our dog was following us in and out of the house as we unloaded.  It took some talking, negotiating and convincing, but we did finagle a deal so that the dog wouldn’t be hauled off to doggie jail.  It was not the kind of welcome we were looking for.  Suffice to say, the lack of any real friendly neighbors or sense of community was kind of a motivating factor in our desire to find new digs.

So, when we found this place, the reception we would get was one thing we were a little curious about.  Moving day was Friday.  Saturday we re-assembled furniture (beds, sofas, TV’s, half the computer setup, etc.) and Sunday we started unpacking boxes.  In the midst of our unpacking, our agent stopped by with a card, a planter of tulips, and a welcome mat (very generous given her commission on both properties).  Well, maybe not the best “thanks for your business” gift relative to monies spent, but still a nice gesture.  When we did finally meet our next door neighbor, this was the welcome we got:

Apple Pie

And they say a sense of community is disappearing!  We’ll be hard-pressed to move again…

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