The Ides of April

Well, it’s not really the ides of April, more the Ides of Closing.  Yup, us nomads are at it again – we just can’t seem to settle down.  Our cross-country move into an apartment for 6 months, then another move into our current house for two years was not enough.  Nope, we got the itch again.  Funny how the moving itch is coincidentally happening within a week of our seven year anniversary.  Isn’t that supposed to be the itch?  Oh well, I’ll take this itch over the alternative.  So, with this being closing date and all, I’ve clearly got a lot on the plate today and throughout the remainder of the week.

Believe it or not though, I’ve got a couple really good posts lined up over the next few days (amazing what happens to your content when you plan ahead, eh? 🙂 )  For today, I am bringing back the “Shout outs” theme from the previous months Flickr Group contributions.  These are just a sampling from the entire month of March to the group pool, and have nothing to do with the contests.  Just some images that I thought deserved a little recognition…so, without further ado, here’s that random sampling.  Thanks to all who have so generously shared their images and who continue to do so – it’s awesome to enjoy all the talent that is out there!

Flickr March

Flickr March

Flickr March

Flickr March

Flickr March

Flickr March

Flickr March

Flickr March

I think I got the order right, but if I cross-referenced these wrong after download, please let me know.  Honors this month go respectively to the following people:

  • Grey Hamster
  • Josh Cohen
  • KaleidoscopePhotos
  • karensk7
  • KBTImages
  • NZSnapper
  • Sue90ca
  • and whalenmdw

Thanks to them especially for their creative, inspiring and thoughtful contributions!  Everyone’s were really great so it was even hard to narrow it down to a select few here too.  Keep on sharing and next month, we’ll see which ones end up on the blog.  Stop over to their respective Flickr threads and give them some praise for their excellent work!

Speaking of months – don’t forget there’s not much time left in April to enter the Balance themed contest to win an Expo Disc from the generous folks over at Expo Imaging!  Entries are taken until midnight April 30th, MDT (GMT-7).  Good luck and don’t forget to enter your images in the thread here.

Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for more news and updates from the LDP/CB corner of the photo world! 🙂


News Flash:  There’s something new abuzz in the iTunes store!

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2 comments for “The Ides of April

  1. Burt
    April 21, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    Ah, that’s no fair! How are the ones by Kaleidoscope and Josh made? Neither of their web sites include those photos, or anything remotely resembling them, for hints, nor are they found on Flickr.

    How was Josh’s images made? Too perfectly round to be a water drop? Done in Photoshop or in camera? I’m guessing a glass sphere sitting on a rock on the beach, shooting the kid, then inverted in Photoshop. Am I close?

    Kaleidoscope looks like some kind of water splash, but I can’t figure out the colors or quite get the pattern and perspective…

    • April 22, 2010 at 8:28 am

      I was laid off from a position with the State of Colorado literally within a few weeks of finishing my year probationary period (and being a permanent employee)… (and right before the holidays). Not only was it rather unfair, it was also a little mean. My point though, is that life, as in most things, is far from “fair”.

      The images selected were random – no particular order, preference, or anything. I said “it’d be kinda cool to show off some of the images people are sharing in the group pool – putting a few up might be fun.” Could there have been more? Sure! Could there have been less? Sure! Were there some that were left out? Absolutely? Was it intentional? Of course not! There are so many talented people that are sharing their pictures and visions every day, it’d be impossible to feature everyone…I just picked a few that stood out for me.

      As to how the images were made, you would need to talk to the person who created them. I have no idea – the purpose was to “pay it forward” a little…and the fact that you looked, and are talking about it is a good thing! 🙂

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