The 50D has surfaced

I got home tonight to quite a few emails of people asking if I’d heard of the 50D yet and whether there was any validity to the rumors flying around the internets.  While Canon does not confide inme, I’ve seen some pretty intriguing information, and at the risk of perpetuating rumors, I will share some of what appear to be the more valid remors.  Most specifically intriguing is a Chinese website for Canon that shows a banner of the entire EOS line, which includes a 50D on the right hand side of the banner.  Hard to say whether it’s legit or not, but with Photokina right around the corner, and the desire of all manufacturers to hopefully get a little buzz going on their announcements, I’ll play into their hands a little.  Here’s the links I’ve received that suggest it is a reality rather than rumor:


The fact that the source URL of that last one is from China and not Japan (Canon is in Japan, not China…or are they?) makes me suspicious, but by the same token, another portion of the site has interviews that discuss the history of the EOS lens system for Canon, saying it’s the anniversary of their 20t year.  Plus, the graphics aren’t exactly the makings of hacks and pseudos who are trying for a temporary jump in their web traffic – there’s nothing to buy there!  Anyway, the movie itself has a translation and was kind of neat to watch, so here’s a link to that too:

Plus, I finally learned that EOS stands for Electro Optical System.  As a guy running a blog about Canon and photography, I guess I should have known that! 🙂

No tutorial for today folks – just too busy to get one recorded in time.  As I have an event to shoot at work tonight I suspect that the post tomorrow will be the “no blog” day…but I’ll try to make it back here Thursday to share some more detailed shots and thoughts from the photowalk last Saturday.

Until Thursday then, happy shooting and watch those apertures! 🙂

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1 comment for “The 50D has surfaced

  1. August 26, 2008 at 7:53 am

    I’m back! Sorry for missing the walk, Jason. Unavoidable things came up – I’ll shoot you a message offline and we can catch up for some lunch though.

    The 50D – definately a reality when it’s on Canon’s site, although it doesn’t mention release dates, prices, etc. An interesting move for sure, especially considering that the 40D hasn’t hardly been out for a year.

    Personally, I would have rather seen an upgrade to the 5D or a better-priced, full framed Mark series camera.

    One promising thing, though, is a claim to better ISO performance, clearly to try and compete with Nikon’s D3 and D700, both of which rock when it comes to performance at high ISOs.

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