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As I move forward on getting the administrative features under control, a few posts are necessary to set up the blog and get the look and feel down to where I like it.  As a one-man operation, this may take some time so please be patient.  First, an introduction and a little background on who I am, what the blog is, and where it may go…

My name is Jason Anderson and I am an IT professional working in the (currently) very hot and humid state of South Carolina.  With Charleston as the largest recognizable community nearby, you could call me a “Lowcountry Resident.”  Since the IT industry is not prone to a lot of creative expression, I have endeavored to find creative venues to express myself, and to find others like me that share a passion for both logic, and…well, passion!

This web log is the conclusion of the realization that I needed a venue to express and share personal thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the online community.  Most often, this will be photographic in nature.  However, I may occasionally wax philosophic, plug sites I find interesting, and sometimes simply offer viewers and readers the mumblings and ramblings of an IT pro as I weave my way through a decidedly creative and sometimes less-than-logical world of artistic expression!

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