Sharing your photos online

Posting your photos online has become an almost expected step in becoming known as a photographer.  People want to see your website.  You are judged on not only the quality of the photos but the quality of the website as well.  So, when I found a plugin made by a company called Cincopa that lets you insert browse-able galleries into your posts, I was intrigued.  I signed up for a free service, and shortly after signing up, ran out of bandwidth.  (200MB/month limit).

I could go on and on with the details here, but without the visual aids it really doesn’t work, so I recorded a video of how things work for you to view here on the blog.  This may seem like a rant (and it is slightly), but it’s also a way of letting others know about the quality of service this company delivers.  It’s less than 4 minutes, but well worth your time.

If anyone has other services they think do better, by all means, give them some link love in the comments!

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