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I know it’s unusual for me to make posts on the weekends, but I felt this subject warranted an extra post.  One of the things that’s always a hassle to deal with is taking your prints from not only the camera to the computer, but then from the computer to the printer.  Often times we are limited by the quality of our desktop printers.  To combat that, we turn to local printing outlets.  Even more so, in this day of technology, online printing has become much more consumer-oriented, with a lot of the mystique and confusion, (i.o.w. – hassle), alleviated.  Since this subject is certainly not a new one, rather than re-visit it completely, it always helps to refer to the works of others.  Why re-invent the wheel if it already works?  To that end – recently one of the online forms that I participate in raised a question of which online printers give the best results.  For about a year now, I’ve relied on a rating done by the folks over at Popular Photography.  I referred to it in the forums, and decided it would be a good idea to share that here.


With those results from a little over a year ago, perhaps it is time to re-visit the subject once again.  If you would like to see another evaluation of online printers, feel free to give the folks at PopPhoto your thoughts.  I believe they have a contact email address on their website.  For the time being though, I would venture to guess that the results of the above have likely not changed all that much.   Tune in tomorrow for a wrap-up of the PMA show around the web.   Now, on to more important things – GO GIANTS!  🙂  For those attending parties, remember to party smartly – don’t drink and drive!

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