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As Jason Moore gets settled down in his new digs as the new Web Graphics Designer for Southern Tier Athletics/Worldwide Sports Supply (congrats dude!), we’re filling in again to provide you with the latest and greatest weekly activity for Photoshop and Photography folks (a.k.a. his famous Weekly P&P).  Michael was out and about a lot this week, so it’s just me and Andy filling in.  Thanks Andy for taking Michaels portion as well.  Anyway, here is my portion of it (filling in the middle with I through P).

Indograhams – Again, another fabulous Friday skyline from Scotty.  He also went photowalking on Saturday too!

Invisible Green – Marcus shares a shot from this past weekend with his family, very cute!

Jason D. Moore – If you don’t know this site, then why are you even reading my blog?  Jason is pretty much the standard news outlet for Photography and Photoshop activities.  If you’re not reading his blogroll regularly, you are missing out!

Jen Rinaldi – More clouds from jen on her weekend, and some other cool street photography.  Great vision and captures as always!

Jenny Arnez – Another great site for street-style photography (and also for beach shots this weekend again – are all Jens at the beach this weekend?) ☺

Joel L – I missed this one last go-around, so am making up for it here.  Fair warning, some of the shots and imagery are not for the faint of heart or typical types of photography.  His most recent post is okay, but venture back to July 21st, and you’ll get a taste of third world countries and cultures that are definitely not anything like Western hemisphere living.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the shots are just amazing in the composition, lighting, and in the story they tell, so I would encourage those who have open minds to visit the blog.  It also bears mentioning that some of the imagery is not safe for work (NSFW).

John Nack – Very well-known and regarded, he shares a link to a site titled “Dear Adobe”.  Not often will you find a company spokesperson who willingly will point you to another site that is nothing but rants and vents about their own company (just goes to show you how cool a place Adobe is).  Read this blog – it’s on many peoples’ “must read” lists – including mine!

Laughing Lion Design – In case the P&P isn’t enough for you, Jennifer has a list of PODCASTS to listen to.  I listen to several of these myself.  Great resource here.

Lightroom Killer Tips – Matt comes over the top again with another series of knockout posts showing us techniques about Lightroom.  Over and over again, he and the rest of the NAPP crew just constantly keep me amazed!

Michael Palmer – The third portion of Jason Moore’s fill-in P&P crew was waylaid from his travels, but he nevertheless shared some great floral/insect shots from his trip.  Thanks for sharing Michael, your posts are always a pleasure to read.

Black and White Photography – Some more IR to be sure, but the ones that are back to the “traditional” blac and white theme of the blog are great!  And the fact that he used theterm flautist was sufficiently impressive!  (My sister was a flautist in college – kept playing until she had kids…)

OSBP – One Shot Beyond Photography is always a great source for inspiration.  What a great vision, and the compositions of the shots are always unique, whether the subject is food or models…she really knows what she’s doing!

Photographic Design – Another blogger who will have shots to share from the NAPP photowalk.  Be sure to stop in and give feedbck – it’s what we all thrive on!

Photography of J Brian Haferkamp – A long-awaited update, he shares shots from Millenium Park in Chicago!  Gorgeous city, and great captures Brian!

PhotoKY – Always thoughtful and intriguing posts, Ken outdoes himself this week.  Another MUST READ!

Photoshop Insider – With all the hubbub surrounding the worldwide photowalk this last Saturday, make it a point to read Scott’s post from last Wednesday.  If you ever take a seminar, workshop, college class, or any other form of instruction…try not to be the guy/gal he is describing!

PhotowalkPro – Jeff talks about what he knows best…photowalking!  The master of planning, coordination, and implementation at it was full of information this past week.  So much so that he got some interview time at two podcasts.  Read the whole week if you’re not up to speed on what photo walks are all about!

Well, that just about does it for my portion of the P&P blogr oll for this week.  Don’t forget to stop over at Andy’s blog (Visual Realia) for the lions share of it.

As a house-keeping sort of note, I am going to have to put the weekly tutorials on hold here at CB for a while as I had been using my Windows box for this purpose, and it is now on it’s final legs with 3 thermal shutdowns in the past 24 hours, and one instance of not finding the boot drive.  Thankfully, the images and podcast materials are all on a secondary, as well as on a USB drive.  Now, if only I could find a good Mac replacement for Camtasia, I’d be set!  Any advice, suggestions or feedback would be welcome!

So, it’s likely back to audio podcasts (or videos of me) from the Mac for now.  Tomorrow will likely be a no-blog day though as I will have a very busy day (unless I can get it done in advance).  So, look for shots from the photowalk on Wed. as well as a new tutorial!  Until then, happy shooting and keep watching those apertures!

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