Monday Pictures and Puzzles

Monday morning news. This past weekend I had a photo shoot I did for a co-worker and her kid (he apparently did not get very good school pictures this year). After about 20 minutes of shooting and putting him in various poses, I figured I had enough (about 50 shots) to get four poses for her to choose from. So, having done that, we sat back and sipped our morning coffee while the kids got ready to hit the beach. The older youngster was sitting around with us (older being relative – she was about 10-12). Playfully, without even looking, I fired a few snaps at her, letting the AF kick in. As luck would have it, this turned out to be one of the most phenomenal shots from the entire outing. So much so that I am going adding it to my portfolio. For those that read the blog though, here’s a sneak preview!

Portrait Close-up

Don’t forget, the TOP test has moved to it’s new location as a sub-folder of the Canon Blogger moniker. It can now be found at it’s new site: so don’t forget to stop over there and take the second test (still a work in progress) measuring your advanced photography skills! Share results here in the comments or directly via email. I’d love to hear feedback on this too, as I move forward with more user-requested content.

My other Monday tidbit is a cool site I heard about (from my folks of all people to boot!) this last weekend: You upload your pictures and can turn them into flash-based jigsaw puzzles that you can share with your friends over your blog. Quite the time waster, but otherwise very fun and very cool! I uploaded a few images to test it out and since it seems cool enough, thought I’d share that with the blogosphere as other creative types might be interested in seeing it in action:

Well, that’s it for today. As we shutter-click our way through the week, enjoy it and remember to keep things in focus (happy shooting and watch those apertures!)

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