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It’s been a quiet few days as some home tasks have been taking up a lot of my time.  Over the course of the weekend, I began an electrical project (replacing outlets with GFCI), a plumbing project (replacing faucets in bat), and construction (drywall patching, and accessoy replacements in bath and shelving downstairs).  All that on top of the usual family routine of dinner and dog walks has put a bit of a crimp on my posts.  Having said that, the day off on Monday allowed me to put a video podcast in the can for release on Friday, so that should be forthcoming in 48 hours.

In Photo news, I was reading Scott Kelby’s blog the other day when he mentioned the website Pixel Perfect where Bert Monroy demonstrates various techniques using Photoshop.  The production quality is professional and just goes to show how far I have to go to gain that kind of quality in delivery and recording.  Such is the difference of an amateur tutorial versus an established and professional photo professional and Adobe evangelist.  Perhaps some day…

Anyway, Bert Monroy did a fantastic tutorial on how to create a smoking gun entirely inside of Photoshop.  Great technique and it’s a highly recommended 5 minutes toward learning PS techniqes.  Check it out here.

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