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While we are definitely in a digital world, from images and pictures to audio and video podcasts as well as streaming media are the rule rather than the exception, there is always content that is just not deliverable in these formats. Essays and articles on photography may seem like a contradiction in terms, but the quality of some stuff out there is just amazing. Scott Kelby, for example, knocks out about 2-3 books per year. There’s a reason for this….some things just can’t be done with images and videos. So, as Canon is intended to be a resource for many media types, I’ve got another article I’d like to share with the readers (it looks like about 30 per day, so thanks to the growing audience!).

This one is titled “Considering the ‘Why?'” and looks into what motivates us as photographers. I originally wrote this as a response to a podcast recorded by Craig Tanner over at The Radiant Vista, a few months ago, but the theory and idea behind it still holds true, so I thought I’d share it here. Thanks for taking the time to read/listen, and another video podcast should be coming out soon!

Download the PDf article here: Considering the ‘Why?’

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