Monday Mailbag

In lieu of an actual post, I am writing this in advance and taking the time to answer some email and comment questions that have built up over the past few weeks.  My apologies to those that have not had their questions answered yet. but here we go:

  • First up is Joel.  Joel asked if there is a way to attach a set of binoculars or some other device t your camera for increased magnification without having to buy the expensive zoom lenses.  The answer is a partial yes.  You can do such a thing, but your image quality will drop accordingly.  You may want to do some Google research (or just hit Wikipedia like I did) to read up on the practice, called digiscoping
  • Next up is Amy.  Amy wrote in to ask what the best lens would be to get to expand her range of shooting capabilities.  She is shooting with an XTi and is using the kit 18-55 lens.  Here, it really depends on your needs and budget.  The kit 18-55 is actually a pretty good wide angle lens for the price.  Granted it’s no “L” lens, and the angle of view is not as wide as some true wide-angle lenses, but it gets close.  When you look at the lenses available, and see that the widest goes to a 12m before getting into fisheyes, this is fairly good.  Granted, it’s limited by the 1.6 crop factor, but still a good lens.  So, having the wide to medium range covered, my suggestion would be a zom lens.  The 70-200 is a good lens, and if you want speed and or quality, you can upgrade to the 70-200 2.8 and the 70-200 2.8 IS respectively.  Fair warning, the prices increase exponentially.
  • Lastly, Captain Obvious asked in the comments if I could change the page title for Canon Blogger.  Since I am not sure where that is, I deferred back to him for an answer and have not heard yet.  I did find one area in the WordPress admin panel where there was a space, and have now removed that.

Anyway, that’s it for this “robot post” on Monday.  I am arriving in Longmont today, so should be back online tomorrow, but just in case, a Tuesda Tutorial is scheduled.  Until next time, happy shooting and watch those apertures.

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