Maintenance Post

Tonight around midnight, the blog may go offline briefly or look a little funny as I go through some maintenance updates on the blog, both from the WordPress side, as well as some of the plugins.  For those who have been following the blog for a while now, you may have noticed that the “Feed Me” graphic I created for the feed link is no longer showing.  I suspect that is due in part to an outdated plugin.  In addition, the atom feed seems to have a <rel link=’self’> tag that is not formatted correctly, and that is native to WordPress.  There’s a few other “behind-the-scenes” things I’m going to try and get done tonight as well, so if the content suddenly disappears, don’t worry (I’ll be the one worrying!  LOL), it should be back up before Sunday morning.

Happy Shooting all!  Be careful out there and watch your apertures! 🙂

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