Just under the weekend wire…

As Friday draws to a close, lots is going on here – we’re packing up!

That’s right packing things up and rolling on outta here!  Naw, not the blog, or the podcast – always here, but with my return to a full time position we realized two things:  1.  We were kind of living beyond our means a little, and 2. The current house is pretty far from where work is for both of us.

Since Tracy is used to the RTD system now (and gets it free with her job) it just made sense that we consider looking in areas that are closer to where I am working so…the house is going on the market!  All this means that much is being packed up into boxes, furniture being moved out to give a minimalist staged look to the house.  (I guess all my photo gear “just looks like clutter” according to our realtor!)

So, the podcasting PC is being packed up, as is much of my photo gear.  I am keeping the barest of essentials, one desktop and my laptop though – so blogging will continue – once all the rest of this gets organized, boxed, labeled, and cleared into a storage facility…(man I need a studio!).  What that has meant is a light blogging week.  The podcast that I recorded with Rich Charpentier last week has finally been spliced together and is being uploaded to the folks at PLM right now.  It might not be available before midnight, but here’s the show notes anyway:

1.  Industry News

  • Apple announces the iPad – I know so last week, but we’ve got some unique perspectives to share on how it could be used…
  • Canon announces it’s now made 50 million EF lenses (we are assuming they are also including the EF-S line) – congrats to Canon!
  • National Archives is prohibiting cameras – find out why!

2.  Printing Pictures – dynamic range, papers, color spaces, printer gamuts, and lots more…

3.  Listener Questions and Answers

Check out the show over at Personal Life Media (in about an hour – so slightly after midnight)…also don’t forget the February Giveaway is under way – Rich has generously donated a canvas print for the lucky winner!  Stop over at his blog to thank him, then check out his website with some of the most amazing HDR work I think I’ve seen!  Happy shooting all, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here on a more minimalized and organized Monday!

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