Friday Follies

Another week in the record books, and the poll has changed out.  Since the week pretty much consisted of discussions about noise in your photos, let’s see what people are using in the way of 3rd party plugins.  So, take a moment to participate in the poll on the right.  Thanks for all the participation last week – 29 people voted!  Let’s see if we can crack the barrier of 30 this week!

Today I thought it might be fun to share a few links to fun Photoshop resources – reasons to laugh and just take a break from it all.  Here’s 3 of my favorites:

Photoshop Disasters

You Suck at Photoshop

What The Duck

Fair warning, the second one could be considered “not safe for work”.   Do you have any fun Photoshop resources or web sites that you visit just for laughs?  Share them in the comments.  Have a good weekend all, and, as always, happy shooting!

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