Forgetful Fridays

With my crazy work schedule, I completely forgot to write the Friday Funnies, so now it’s also the Forgotten Friday!

So, what happened that was funny this week? Well, anyone that follows photography found out about the newest additions to the Canon and Nikon line-ups.  Canon announced the 50D, and Nikon announced the D90 on the heels of Canon.  While this may just seem to be news and events, what’s funnt about this is that there have been rumors about the next bodies that each would be releasing for a long time now, and most were resigned to waiting until Photokina to hear the news.  So, it’s funny because apparently even Canon and Nikon couldn’t wait – the marketing monsters of each company likely wanted to get a jump on things and get the word and buzz out.  I just find it funny because here is yet another example (in my mind) of the tail wagging the dog.

That could just be me though.  Was it wise to make these announcements ahead of Photokina?  Will there be an economic upside to doing so?  Should the respective companies have waited?  Aside from the gear hounds and photo freaks, does anyone else really care about 10 MP versus 15 MP and a 920,000dpi resolution LCD?  Moreoever, should marketing be the driving force behind companies or should they just release product announcements when completed and let the consumers decide whether the gear is worth getting excited about?  In my mind, the gear should be able to speak for itself.  If it’s good, people will like it, and if it’s crap, people won’t.  Can it be that simple?  What do you think  Tell me in the comments!

In the meantime, happy shooting, enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.  Oh yea, continue to watch those apertures!

I’ll leave you with my favorite WTD comic from this last week:

What the Duck

What the Duck

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