ExpoImaging Rocks

Wanna know why they rock?  I’ll tell you!  As you already know, the February contest has ended and the winner was announced yesterday here on the blog.  Well, due to some extenuating circumstances, the gallery print was unavailable as the prize.  Please stop over to Rich Charpentier’s blog for his details and give him a little shout out of support.

Thankfully though, as I had already been in communication with the folks over at ExpoImaging regarding sponsoring a future contest, they generously agreed to move things up a few months so that the contest winner will not walk away empty-handed!  Major kudos and shout outs to the folks at ExpoImaging for their generosity!  As you may recall, I had reviewed the RayFlash and the ExpoDisc a while back.  Not only are these excellent products, but the company is clearly top notch and you can be proud of any products you own, knowing they are really the kind of company that supports their products and customers to the Nth degree!

Please also check out their website for more product information and consider supporting them with your next purchase as well, since they really came through in a clutch for LDP and its readers!  They were absolutely amazing!

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