Creative Cram Session

Guilt can be a powerful thing – after the internet outage last night, I felt as though dodging a post today was kind of an easy out, and that would be doing the readership a dis-service.  So, here’s a creative cram session tip for you…

Try writing on a foggy window, then capturing that in camera.  Sounds easy right?  I tried it on the commute the other day (I ride a bus to work – easier on the wallet).  Best I could come away with from a few attempts follows:

Foggy Blogger

Foggy Blogger


Thoughts on the creative angle?  DOes it work?  If so, feel give the fog writing a whirl – I thought the effect was kind of neat, but the balance between the shadows can be tough to pull out.  Feel free to share links in the comments! 

Also, the Noise Ninja contest is underway and the winner gets a free copy of it for the month of October so be sure to share your images of the Fall in the FLickr thread.  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow.

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