Contests, Contests, and yet more Contests!

The June contest came to a close on Sunday, and after looking through all the images after anonymization (a.k.a. my wife downloaded them) and import to Lightroom, the winner has been determined.  (Drumroll please…)  And the June winner is:

Matt Beaty

Simplicity in composition (there is really no place to go but dead center, and your eyes move all around there to see the legs kicked back, the vehicle lowering away (almost a perfect K, which is a compositional approach) is really well done.  It’s also tack sharp and the color appears to be spot on with the brilliant blue of the sky.  Finally, the implied speed and action of the activity  kept true to form for the challenge, so congratulations are in order for Matt Beaty!  Check out this image and the rest of his work over on his Flickr stream and website! Let’s also not forget that the folks at Lexar were kind enough to share these cards with us to help continue the contest series, so thanks to them.  Thanks also to the rest of the entrants – it really was a crowded field this month.  Next month I suspect it’s going to get even more crowded though…


Speaking of next month, with the June contest now closed, it’s time to gear up for the July contest, which starts immediately!  As you may recall from the last podcast, I had the good fortune of talking with Senior Product Manager Tom Hogarty about the release of Adobe Lightroom 3 on the last podcast, and in the course of the show, was happy to announce that July will be the month where we are giving away a free copy of Lightroom 3!  Valued at $299 retail, this is going to be one for the ages (again)!

Many thanks to Adobe for contributing to the continued success of the giveaway series.  All the details for the giveaway are now live on Flickr, so stop in there to submit your best image!  Don’t forget to read the Contest Guidelines and the Rules of Engagement before submitting.  With how cool and sleek and slick Lightroom has become (and with the news being what it has been in current events lately), the theme for this month is:  SLICK!  Interpret as openly as you like (just keep it family friendly), and good luck to everyone!

As if two piece of contest news is not enough – we have about 6 days left in the comment contest where 3 lucky people will get a free copy of “Taking Stock” by Rob Sylvan (NAPP Helpdesk, iStock Reviewer and Author).  If you’ve not submitted a comment, this is a free book just waiting for 3 random peoples names to be drawn from a hat (or online number generator as the case may be), so share your own comment soon before time runs out!  (One comment per person.)

I was going to share a final announcement but am completely drained from all the buzz here…so get out and shoot, comment and have some fun – more exciting news tomorrow!  (Hint:  It’s about workshops!)

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5 comments for “Contests, Contests, and yet more Contests!

  1. Michael Petersheim
    July 1, 2010 at 4:11 am

    Hey Jason, your link to the July contest flickr page isn’t working… I can get to the July group from the June flickr group, but the link from the contests page isn’t linked.

    • July 1, 2010 at 9:11 am

      Thanks Michael – I fixed the link and it should work now in the post…will take care of the link in the contest overview page here shortly too! 🙂

  2. July 3, 2010 at 6:56 am

    Hey – Thanks so much!

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