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I was on the verge of taking a day off on account of tired – my new shift at work goes from 6:30am to 3:30, and the adjustment on my internal body clock has been a challenging one to accommodate.  However, I remembered a quick post I wanted to make to share with everyone a great eBook I had the pleasure of previewing from the crew working with David DuChemin.  So, now is as good a time as any!

If you’ve not heard of David DuChemin by now you need to check out his blog:  Pixelated Image.  Truly a fountain of inspiration.  He also is the genius being a relatively new publication outlet called Craft and Vision (check it out for a more extensive list) of short eBooks and articles on so many different topical areas of photography (many of which he has written himself.  These are all only $5 a piece and I’ve enjoyed every single one I’ve read.  One of the latest publications to come out of there is titled “Close to Home” by Stuart Sipahigil.  It’s no different from the rest in that the writing and photography in this particular issue is quite stunning, and for the incredibly low price of $5 – this is one you simply have to read!

Close to Home

Close to Home

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