Cleaning House – Is Flickr your storage or showcase photos?

How do you know it’s time to clean the house?  For me it’s usually when i see a thin layer of dust, or when the dirty clothes pile exceeds the clean clothes pile.  Another definition would be when you run out of clean dishes (or start buying disposable because all the regular ones are still dirty.  We all have benchmarks that we use to decide when it’s time to “tidy things up”.  But – what about your photography portfolio?  Do you clean it up regularly?

Over the weekend I decided to clean house on my Flickr presence.  My  personal collection of photos I’ve shared through Flickr over the past several years is not as big as some peoples – because there are some prodigious photographers online.  In fact, I know some people that “publish” every shot they take.  While I certainly do not fall into that category, as I sort through some of the shots in the entire portfolio – many today struck me as “yawners”.  They didn’t really tell a good story (at least anymore).   So why are they still in my portfolio?  No longer!

Remember, when you put your work out online, this is a snapshot of the quality of you as a photographer.  Do you want everything to be out there?  Or do you want to put your best foot forward at all times?  For me, I choose the latter.  The folks at NAPP have this right because they only let you put your 24 best photos in their online portfolio section.  I clearly have at least that, but are they really getting the visibility they need?  lately, for me, the answer has been a resounding no.  So, it’s time to clean house.  When you look at my Flickr Portfolio come Monday morning, it will be much leaner, but hopefully much more professional-looking.

So, what about you?  Is Flickr your showcase or your storage?

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4 comments for “Cleaning House – Is Flickr your storage or showcase photos?

  1. June 28, 2010 at 10:00 am

    I’m not a pro, but if I’d put it into the family album, I’ll post it on Flickr. I don’t publish very many of the photos I’ve taken, but still probably much more than I should if I thought every view would be with a critical eye. I try to use my website to showcase some of the photos I feel are among the best, however I think there is a lot to learn from the bad photos, so I don’t mind them sticking around.

  2. June 29, 2010 at 5:06 am

    Interesting post Jason. My approach to Flickr has always been one of a ‘sounding board’ or a ‘staging area’. So I’ll post only images I am happy with but they may not end up being available commercially. Sometimes I’ll post different versions of the same image – B&W vs colour or alternative crops and will use Flickr to gauge reaction before making a final selection on what I will make available for sale.

    I think a photographers ability to apply a level of selectivity is just as important on Flickr as it is anywhere else though.

    However I’m more then sure I could dig into my Flickr archives and do a bit of spring cleaning too 🙂

  3. July 9, 2010 at 11:20 am

    I have thinking about this, lately – not too much though, as I´ve only been in Flickr for a few months now. I think I´ll end up removing some of the “yawners”; the only consideration which has been holding back is the following: ehat about the comments and faves? Is it “fair” to interrupt a conversation (regardless of how remote it is” just because i am now ashamed/less enthusiastic about my past pics?

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