Here’s what’s going on as I enjoy MLK day off…first, the Sunday football yielded Super Bowl berths for New England and the Giants. The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field (as Chris Berman says), was quite cold at 0 and the wind chill at -20! Makes the teens of SC seem timid. Nevertheless, it’s cold here in South Carolina too. At times like this, it makes me wonder whether or not Global Warming really is a problem.

The South Carolina Photography Guild had their monthly shoot yesterday at Middleton Plantation, and while it wasn’t in the teens, it was still very chilly, as we bundled up against the wind and elements. I came away from the trip with several decent shots – enough to put into my galleries as a dedicated album! I’ll share a few shots at the end of this post.

Today I am going to purchase Photoshop CS3 Extended edition. I have been toying around with the trial version for long enough, so figured it’s time to bite the bullet. Lightroom may also become a purchase option too, depending on funds. That will likely take place this afternoon. I am also going to try and get the tutorial through production today for publication tomorrow morning, so that may be out early too (doncha love Monday’s off?) 🙂

Scott Kelby’s blog, Photoshop Insider, got a fair amount of traffic last week as he produced a “wish list” of sorts for Lightroom where people could sound of in the comments. This was one of those rare opportunities to let developers know what you think, because my guess is he’s got their ear as one of the leading trainers for the Adobe platforms in the country! I added my two cents for multiple paper profile support (on or around #120 I think). See if you can find me! 🙂

Last but not least, I saw a few posts around the web for the SoPoBoMo – if you ever wanted to put a book of your imagery together, now’s your chance!  Check them out and sign up today (I couldn’t commit to the time frame because of some other pending things during that same period.  Neat stuff though…

Not much else going on for Monday yet (it’s only 9am), so I’ll leave with a few photos from our outing yesterday:



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