Blue Skies…

Tutorial Tuesday looks at recovering the blue tonal range in your photography. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been out shooting landscapes with some really great colors, but due to limitations, the camera sensor just can’t handle the tonal range. With that limitation in mind, I’ve always focused more on getting the richer reds and oranges, than the amazingly blue skies. Well, today I am going to share a tip on how to restore that blue sky in your photos.

I picked this tip up from the most recent issue of Popular Photography, which gave an abbreviated pictorial and text version of the trick so if you prefer that, I would encourage you to get that issue – it’s the February 2008 issue. Also on todays docket – don’t forget to vote in the latest poll – what gear do you shoot with? – it’s over on the right hand panel.

Just a few other things to mention today:

  1. Since I am always talking up B&H, I figured it may be helpful to have a link or two to their site so I’ve added that both to the sidebar and the footer.
  2. Tips From The top Floor has a page set up for their 2008 workshops. Nothing on there yet, but it’s up and ready for bookmarking. I’ve put a link to it from the blog roll as well – hoping y’all come near Charleston in 2008! 🙂
  3. Last but not least, Photoshop User TV has their latest episode ready for viewing/download, so if you have iTunes, subscribe today, otherwise, check out the website here:

Happy Shooting and watch your apertures! 🙂

Blue Skies Tutorial

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