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The last few days I’ve been kind of busy putting together some shots for a family trip I went on last weekend, mentioned down-thread a little in the blog here. After almost filling up a 2 gig flash card, it was time to post the shots so family members could view/download the ones they liked. With that motivation, I dedicated the last few days to really getting my photography site (not just a blog, a dedicated photo site!) up and running. A grand total of two galleries are in place now, my landscapes and one event gallery. More will come periodically, and I’ll announce those here too. Please keep in mind that the website (as well as my photography efforts) are always works in progress. I’ll try to keep announcements current in here too, but can’t make any promises (to all 7 of my readers! *grin*).

To whet, the appetite, here’s just a few shots from the gallery:

sunset-on-the-marsh.JPG trail-through-the-cypress-knees.JPG let-there-be-light.JPG

For the whole schmear, check out the site, over at:

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