Write your own PS panels!

You know the Photoshop Guys are pretty well regarded by Adobe. When they stop to say something or make suggestions for future product features, the folks at Adobe do stop and listen. Scott K. did a few blog posts about this, and there is ample evidence that Adobe does in fact consider their suggestions in product design, development, and testing.

Well, today, as a guest blogger for Scott…Matt Kloskowski brought some Super Genius ideas out, and had some “skeleton” drawings for possible consideration. The beauty of this was that not only did he give his thoughts, but he gave US a voice!

He started a Flickr thread, and gave us a PSD to work with in designing our own suggested PS panels! I actually took a few minutes to put a small idea together. It doesn’t have the same polish that Matt’s work does, and I blame Matt for being the consummate professional and devoting as much time and energy as I am sure he did in producing all these other wonderful ideas and such.

Anyway, go download the PSD from Scott’s blog here, then tweak it to your idea, and upload to the Flickr thread here. Take some time to look at the other ideas out there – lots of creativity abounds! Such dynamism and synergism and a bunch of other -isms! This is what totally rocks about photography, being able to contribute ideas in such a positive and forward-thinking manner. Oh, and here’s my idea: a Compositional Grid Panel where you can choose a grid pattern to overlay (or create a custom one…). Thoughts on this?

Compositional Grid

Thoughts on others? Share them over in the Flickr group! (or here if you prefer, but this idea is really Matt’s brainchild, so give the group [or his blog] some love!)  Until tomorrow – happy shooting and watch those apertures! 🙂

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