Woot! Another Wisdom-filled Wednesday of Web Wonder!

As promised, here’s another set of things to inspire, amaze, and tantalize your senses from what I’ve been reading and seeing online in the last week or so. In the interests of keeping things from rounding out to increments of fives and tens (Sports Night reference – anyone know it, or am I alone in my vagaries?), here’s 6 links for Wednesday:

  1. Joe McNally’s Video on creating a shot of the Empire State Building (Although I think I posted this before – but worth a second watch anyway…)
  2. Earthbound Light – Very good site – particularly the photo tips archives
  3. Action Central – probably one of the best resources for Photoshop actions (and they’re all free!)
  4. A History of Photography – everything you could want to know (from an historical perspective that is…)
  5. NAPP Member Portfolios – some of these will take your breath away!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday to Photoshop (yesterday)! The first version ever shipped on Feb 19th, 1990!

Well I’ve wasted enough of your Wednesday, so happy shooting – just remember to…(wait for it)…watch those apertures!

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