Western Digital steps up to the plate

Having recently been through the ringer on some rather questionable customer service policies, I felt compelled to also give a glowing review of a recent experience I had with another company – Western Digital.

Let’s set the stage: About a week ago, my antiquated desktop computer started exhibiting its age with the recognizable whirring of a hard drive about to fail….it still whirs consistently throughout the day. Since I knew it was past the return policy for Best Buy (30 days), I started backing everything up to my secondary slave drive. With all that copied, I started the search for a replacement…then it dawned on me – this should still be under manufacturer warranty!

So, I broke open the box (not broke, but you get the idea), pulled out the affected drive and started making notations of P/N’s S/N’s and all that gobbledygook. Then at Western Digitals website I entered the S/N as requested to find it was purchased less than a year ago and is still covered. Yay! I can get a replacement! Now, here’s the best part – they will send me the replacement in advance. Meaning? I can install the replacement, copy files over and stay up and running without any downtime to speak of. Yes, a credit card is needed to ensure I return the defective drive, but that’s to be expected in todays day and age.

Anyway, kudos to Western Digital for a great RMA policy – others could learn from you! 😉


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