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For the month of October, the theme of the contest series has been STUDY…and people have been submitting their images to the Flickr thread in hopes of winning a years’ subscription to the well-respected National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  I’ve spoken highly of them before and their educational approach to not only Photoshop, but much of the Adobe family of products, as well as to graphic and web design, oh yeah….and photography… is literally unparalleled.  With over 70,000 members worldwide, it’s an impressive organization and I have learned a lot from my own participation in NAPP events, seminars, and their community forums. Winning a year membership to NAPP is like giving a fisherman (or woman) the keys to a lake full of fish, and time needed to learn to use the nets.  NAPP membership can literally change your life!

So, without further ado – I am happy to announce the winner of the October giveaway – it goes to a first time contributor to the LDP Contest series…I give you:



Digital Cole

The creative energy from the double exposure in this is just awesome, and since I often feel like that when reading about new things, it’s a totally understandable emotion that the image brings to the viewing experience.  Hats off to Cole for the win!  Please take a moment to stop by their Flickr stream, and congratulate them there!  It was a tough decision and well deserved!  If you could get in touch with me to get some contact information, I’ll get things forwarded to the NAPP staff for processing!  Speaking of, thanks go out to the folks at NAPP for sponsoring the contest series!

And now, with October closed – a new contest begins for November.  Get your cameras ready because this month is a doozy!  The theme is “POP!”  Since I always try to tie the theme to the sponsor – here’s the connection – the winner gets a package of the exquisite Polar Metalic Paper from the folks at Red River Paper.  If you’re into the print, and like the look of photos just jumping off your paper, then this is the paper to use.  It’s especially good for HDR prints, but works equally well with all styles.  The drama this paper brings to an image is just amazing – you’ve got to try it to really understand it.  And, now you can – just submit a POP-themed photo to the Flickr thread. The contest starts today, and standard guidelines apply, with one exception – you can submit TWO photos!  Only one will win, but now you have two chances!

Contest Overview and Rules of Engagement are always good resources to begin with…good luck to all and HAPPY SHOOTING!

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  1. November 4, 2010 at 7:12 am

    Very cool image! Love being an NAPP member myself. Congrats Cole!

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