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As promised, here’s my weekly walk around the web…although I must admit the tune “Window on the World” as sung by Jimmy Buffet is running through my head now. Anyway, to get things started, the PMA show for 2008 was this last weekend. We’ve all heard the big news events, including the Canon XSi, the Nikon D60 and the new lenses each is adding to their market. But, what might be nice is a complete rundown of the new bodies released, and reviews of those new additions to the marketplace. Well, no fear, I found one such resource here: PMA Reviews

In related news, Scott Sherman and Michael Stein report back from their hotel room at PMA to bring us recent and exciting news from PMA, including an interview with Rudy Winston. Who’s Rudy you ask? One word should suffice – Canon! So, in keeping with the Canonite tradition of stopping to listen when Canon speaks, I encourage you all to tune in to their podcast over at The Digital Photography Show.

As always, Scott Kelby has some good resources listed over at his blog, The Photoshop Insider, so stop over there, although he’s taking the day off today. I guess even the best get sick from time to time. Of special interest was his recent reference and link to the annual contest that Popular Photography runs for Photoshop enthusiasts, but CB wasn’t around last year to report on it, so I’m adding my proverbial “report” to the fray.: the contest is underway! Be sure to visit the contest site for additional information and to download the images here. Download and start getting creative! 🙂

A really cool video was published just yesterday over at Strobist, about 7 minutes long that gives a short intro on the nuts and bolts of flash and camera lighting. Thanks to David Hobby for letting us know about it and to Paul Duncan for putting it together in the first place.

In other news (for me anyway), I came across a site called Red Bubble. This place is apparently quite well known for artwork, including photography. If you need a picture of a pencil or a frog, then yes, stock sites like iStock may be your answer. However, Red Bubble seems to fill a void for those looking to find some fine art imagery to cover a wall. Stop over and see what each artist has to offer – some of the work is quite inspiring and moving. Fair warning though, some of the work is definitely “out there” and even NSFW, so surf responsibly.

Also of note in the last week were Sigma’s announcements of their latest releases to accommodate the increasing interest in 3rd party lenses. Of particular interest may be the new 200-500! This could be the new “Bigma”! Stop over to their site to read all about it. Granted, it’s no Canon 800mm, but sufficiently impressive nonetheless. Thanks to 1001 Noisy Cameras for the heads up on their latest contributions.

Other fun video stuff is a Swedish journalist interviewing Canon’s Chuck Westfall on a range of subjects including the 5D, how Canon will respond to the Nikon D3 and other body and gear news. Definitely worth the snippets of Swedish that intersperse the interview , conducted in English (thankfully). My sister spent a year in Sweden, and I am not sure how much she can remember, but I have an email in to her to translate the Swedish portion of the broadcast.

Finally, as an admitted Canon-loyalist, here’s a rundown of the gear they introduced at PMA:

That should be enough to tide you over for the day. Happy shooting, and as always, watch your apertures!

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