Weekly P&P (for Jason Moore)

While Jason M. is in the middle of his move, a couple of us volunteered to assist with the Weekly P&P. Make sure you visit Andy and Mike’s blogs for the other two portions. Here is what’s been going on in your favorite blogs for the past week:

  • Lightroom Killer Tips – by Matt Kloskowski. Tune in to read up on the Volume Browser – something I didn’t even know about before, thanks Matt!
  • Black and White Photography – by David Beckerman. David has taken an interest in Infrared photography lately, and he’s got some pretty cool results this week. My favorite is the 97th & Park Avenue shot.
  • Jen Rinaldi dives into the HDR scene with some pretty eye-popping results. Nice work Jen!
  • Indograhams – by Scotty Graham. I must admit I’d not been to his blog before, and man was I missing out. Based out of Jakarta Indonesia, he has some pretty amazing landscapes to work with and his “Skywatch Friday” posts are a sight to behold!
  • Invisible Green Photography – by Marcus John Taylor – Great blog – all visual from the get go, which is nice. If you want detailed info, Marcus shares this too. Check out his August 4th post – you’ll be glad you did!
  • Jason D. Moore – Okay, it seems kind of weird to be doing a post for Jason’s blog about Jason’s blog, but he had a really cool link this week for a site called FindYourArtSchool.com Gotta love the info Jason puts out on such a regular basis!
  • Jenny Arnez shares some shots from a recent camping trip – looked like fun Jenny!
  • With the blogosphere all abuzz about Lightroom 2.o, John Nack shares some insights about what may make the biggest difference. Aside from that, he reveals his age and b-day this week! Happy Birthday John, and man, do I feel old!
  • Laughing Lion Design – Jennifer Farley. She’s discovered a neat typographic toy and produced some cool-looking results!
  • Mike Palmer shares some family photos on his blog. The image of the tall daisies from Tuesday surrounding his kids is a pretty striking one.
  • One Shot Beyond Photography – by Heather McCullah. Heather’s got a nice touch, and her recent shoot of a band produced some cool results. I could easily see any of these shots beyond the cover graphic for a CD. Good stuff there Heather!
  • If you like grain and old school looks to photography, then you simply must visit Jim Larimer’s blog, as he has mastered the art of this technique. Also, Jim is in Colorado, so that’s yet another reason to like him as well as his work!
  • Finally, in case you’ve been living in a cave, Scott Kelby is throwing a worldwide photowalk to announce his newest book on Lightroom 2.0 With leaders in various cities, it is sure to be one of those “where were you during the event of the year for 2008?” moments. Not only is our own Jason M. a leader, but the main person accredited with popularizing photowalks, Jeff Revell is leading two walks. Be sure to read Scott and Jeff’s blogs for all the latest scuttlebutt on this well-publicized event.

So, that’s it for my contribution to the Weekly Photography and Photoshop User’s Blogroll, on behalf of Jason D. Moore.  Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.  Happy shooting and keep watching those apertures!

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  1. August 11, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Thanks so much for writing up the P&P Weekly this week and for your kind comments!!

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