Weekly P&P #89 (for Jason Moore)

While Jason Moore is still in transit to his new locale, we’ve got another installment of his Weekly P&P to share between myself, Andrew, and Michael.  Be sure to stop by their blogs to get the rest of the P&P updates.  Here’s the stuff I saw from the last week that seems noteworthy:

  • Lightroom Killer Tips – Matt K. – Always a plethora of information, Matt shares a little nugget about LR and the fact that v2 allows you to change resolution when editing
  • Black and White Photography – David Beckerman – More infrared imagery to enjoy – particularly the bench infield.
  • Jen Rinaldi – Baby’s got some blue eyes!
  • Indograhams – Scotty Graham  – Check out his Tuesday post for an awesome underwater abstract!
  • Jenny Arnez – I am a softie for photos of dogs, so check out the wet nose from her blog this week
  • John Nack – from Adobe, but has great info and links on other sites too, so check it out – he’s got some cool links to HDR photography too!
  • Laughing Lion Design – Great tutorial here on lighting effects (it’s just Super – man!)
  • Michael Palmer’s just got an eye for imagery (Thursday’s theme is circles)
  • This is the week of the worldwide Photowalk, organized by Scott Kelby and inspired by Jeff Revell, so make sure to check these guys out throughout the week.

Sorry it’s a little late in getting up, but make sure to stop over at Andy’s and Mike’s blogs for the rest of the P&P.  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for my weekly tutorial!

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  1. August 19, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Thanks for the feature! And for stopping by my blog!

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