Wednesday Woes

Okay all, a tutorial just isn’t gonna happen this week…feeling really exhausted today…I think I am coming down with something.  I’ve got a few things going on tomorrow, Friday is booked up as is Saturday, so it’s really unlikely I’ll get that tutorial out I’ve been promising.  So, for the interim, I’ve bumped up the schedule on some articles I’ve been throwing together.

Today, it’s a short essay on a trend I saw for a while in lost of photo communities and forums debating the validity of high res LCD screens on SLR’s.

What happened in the photo world today?  Couldn’t tell you…anyone have any fun/interesting/noteworthy news they want to share…add it to the comments and help a guy out who’s apparently got some sort of bug he can’t shake.  Although I suspect it’s related to successive days of only 3-4 hours sleep and running non-stop.   After working from 5am-3pm, I was off to a Dr. appt, then dinner with the wife, then off to a photo club meeting and it’s now 11:45pm.  I have to be back at work at 5am – maybe I can get 4.5 hours sleep tonight…*grin*

Happy shooting though and keep those apertures tight! 😉

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