Wednesday news and info – lots about light

Back into the cockpit today for the typical Wednesday news and information…

In the interests of full disclosure, and sharing news across the photography spectrum, there is a full review out for the Nikon D60, which is the Nikon equivalent of the Canon Rebel XTi – the entry level SLR for each vendor.  They seem pretty happy with it overall.  Check the review out here, and thanks to the Digital Photography Show for pointing me there.

Strobist offers some sage advise today on it’s most recent post, where David reminds us to not think of lighting as the be-all, end-all, but to use it as a tool for accomplishing a goal or to solve a problem.   Always a good read, but particularly useful for me since I have a model shoot coming up soon, where I hope to take this advice to heart.  Stop over and read the latest when you have some time.

Another useful lighting scenario played out over at Scott Kelby’s blog the past few days.  Scott had a shot set up and a couple of us asked to see the setup, and he shared that today.  Pretty useful info and further solidifies the idea that moving lighting of camera and diffusing it is the ideal route in any shoot setup.  I guess that means I need to get a diffuser too.  The gear quest never ends…*sigh*

In a little self-pimping, I’ve got a new poll up – how many cameras do you own.  Forget about SLR versus P&S versus medium format, wide format, film, working, non-working, or any other caveats.  Grand total, all-in, how many cameras do you currently own?  I’ll reserve guesses on results this time as in the past I’ve been famously wrong.  Also, stop over and view some of the photos I’ve put up for sale on Redbubble!

Here’s a short slideshow of some of what’s available:

Some of my photos for sale

Until tomorrow, happy shooting and watch those apertures.

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