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For those of you that don’t follow the twitter news and stuff, you may not know that I cut a finger pretty badly late last week.  A visit to the doctor on Thursday pretty much confirmed that I needed to keep from using that hand for at least 24-48 hours.  This meant no keyboard or computer use.  SO Friday, when I started to disobey the doctor (shame on me!), the spousal unit found out and intervened.

Since then, we had a nice little weekend trip to Santa Fe (only about 6 hours away from Denver) with some friends.  We took in the sights, had some nice meals and just a good time all around.  I was without computer/internet most of the time so only was able to tweet briefly over the 3 day weekend.  So, you also did not get that yesterday would be a “no blog” day.  Much like the rest of the blog-o-sphere here in the U.S., a lot of people had similar announcements though, so the lack of a post saying there would be no post was kind of…well, not really needed.

Today, however, things are back in full swing!  To start off, we have a winner in the “Win a Wacom” contest!  As you likely recall, the August theme was “Fun” and the winner would receive a Bamboo Fun courtesy of the good folks over at Wacom.  They have left the decision to yours truly, so, after bringing all the photos into Lightroom for review, I picked what I thought were the top five for a gallery to share here on the blog, and picked a winner from that set.  The winner is:

Win a Wacom Giveaway Winner

Win a Wacom Giveaway Winner

As many will likely ask “Why”, here’s the rationale as to how this image stood out above the rest.  First off, the colors and leading lines of the slide were very creative, and showing a keen grasp of image composition, so these were all really good qualities.  Also, the laughing family coming down the slide definitely showed that they were having fun, which was the theme of the contest, so that was another point in the favor of the image.  Last, but not least, the image met all the other qualifying criteria from the announcement post and over on Flickr, including size specifications, time frame, and all that jazz.  Congrats go out to Michael Whalen (a.k.a. Whalenmdw on Flickr)!  For those of you interested in seeing his entry and more of his work, be sure to follow the link to his Flickr thread here.  Thanks to everyone for participating, and to Wacom for contributing the prize for the August Giveaway.  You can also see all the entries over on the Flickr thread here.  Finally, here’s the gallery of finalists.

In other photo news, Kerry Garrison of Camera Dojo had me on his show last week.  We talked up the Canon 7D pretty good, so to hear that show be sure to stop over to his site and pick up his podcast.  (That show aired on Friday).  As for the missing podcast here at CB, trust me, one is coming out this week!  For the time being though, be sure to stop over to the Camera Dojo website, and grab that feed for your reading and podcast enjoyment!  Thanks to Kerry for having me on the show!

That’s it for today folks.  More news and photo goodness tomorrow.  It’s good to be back, so keep on shooting (we have the September contest underway as we speak, with $500 in retail prizes from Topaz Labs and Thinktank Photo, so be sure to share your images here!).

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