Video tutorial delayed

As the Thanksgiving holiday recedes into the past, a few lingering tasks remained so the tutorial that I had planned for production tonight is not complete yet.  But, never fear, fellow photogs, I have something to share.  It seems recently that there has been a lot of focusing (bad pun) on photoshop techniques, yet we have these amazing devices that can really do wonders if we know how to use them – called cameras.  As a service for those that could use some additional explanation, and as a refresher for the rest of us, I’ve put together a paper on determining the best apertures and shutter speeds for various compositions.  Check it out below.  In the meantime, happy shooting, and I promise a tutorial will be available for viewing tomorrow.  Until then…enjoy the written word!  


Postscript:  As an additional thought – I keep a cheat sheet of this info in my camera bag as a reference chart for what different apertures and shutters accomplish at each stop’s setting.  If anyone would like a copy (it’s laminated and easy to fit in a side pocket), email me and I’ll get you a hard copy.

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  1. February 21, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Hmm, interesting post. Wondering what site you did your researching through.

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