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I hope the video podcast lives up to it’s promises….it’s in post production now and should be finished and uploaded before I go to bed tonight. In the meantime, I’d like to share a great dialog that has been going on over in the community forums of the Radiant Vista website. There’s been some really interesting discussion over a post yours truly made a while back asking “How do you learn?” The whole site is thought provoking and informative, but this thread in particular is just great evidence of the quality of thoughts and ideas that can be found if you know where to look. Props specifically go out to Marti Jeffers, Alistair, Wes, and Flo for contributing such great ideas and positive energies to the discussion! I would highly recommend joining this community as it is quite a remarkable collection of people that share sometimes similar and other times divergent views on a number of topics. The site is here

I would also like to specifically give a more formal reply to the article suggested by Marti, titled The Myth of Talent, by site contributor and instructor, Craig Tanner. Because it is a lengthy reply and more of a white paper on the subject of talent, I composed it as its own PDF file, and posted as it’s own page here on Canon Blogger. Feel free to read/download as you prefer here

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