Updating Your Firmware

A few days ago I shared the story of how an IS lens on my beloved 40D was producing some odd noises and the resulting diagnosis was to update my firmware. Rather than do so immediately (as is usually the case for me), I decided to hold off and share it as a video tutorial of sorts on what the process is like. I share a few tips on things to do before hand and what to look for. Then, you see in real time, unrehearsed and unscripted, my firmware update.

As the video shows, it’s a pretty painless process as long as you follow instructions. Unfortunately, because I had to use Quicktime to record it, there is no flash version available. Podpress has not been updated to co-exist with WordPress, so I am continuing to have to post videos and multimedia via link rather than by an available feeder, so apologies there as well.

But anyway, enough falderal, here’s the video:


I should have some more pics, a Wednesday “What’s This?” and fun stuff again tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping in, and until then, happy shooting and watch those apertures!

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