Traveling and Photography – Episode #40

So, the weekend was spent on lots of photography stuff – we had the February edition of our Creativty Workshop Series here with the Denver Photo Meetup group and that was a lot of fun.  The theme for this outing was contrast, and the group came up with a lot of great examples.  For a peek at some of the member shots, be sure to stop over there and look at the photo gallery: Denver Photowalk Creativity Workshop Series

In other news, Erik Bernskiold and I got together again to do another episode of the Learning Digital Photography podcast.  Episode #40 was the one that came down the tube, and this one has an extra special feature – we recorded it live on Ustream!  Erik took the controls there and monitored the chat and questions while I recorded the copy for iTunes.  If you missed the live show, that recorded copy will be available for another couple days.  The more portable one for the iTunes folks can be gotten from the feed here (thanks to the folks at PLM).  Since we covered a lot in the shot, I’ll leave the rest of todays’ blog post for the show notes.  Enjoy!

Learning Digital Photography, Episode #40

News Items:

  1. Aperture 3.0 released:
  2. Olympic Photos:
  3. Canon T2i:
  4. With the world moving to portable and mobile platforms, its also of interest to note that Microsoft announced it’s latest – Windows 7 Mobile
  5. Lots of trade shows and conferences coming up:

How to pack when traveling:

1.  What to take, what to leave behind?

  • To conferences
  • To workshops
  • To vacation spots

2.  Security concerns?

  • What are you allowed to take?
  • What should you leave behind?
  • Safety/security levels

3.  Scouting from a distance?

  • Google Earth
  • Online mapping
  • GPS devices

Listener Questions:

1.  What is parallax?  (Chris)
2.  What’s the best way to deal with noise in your pictures? Matt

In Camera Methods

  • Drop ISO when possible
  • In camera noise reduction (long exposure)
Post Production Methods
3.  How do people use a laptop as their primary computer?  I can’t seee enough detail in the small screen.  (Linda)
External monitors are the best way to use a laptop for primary – recommended dual monitor setup
Weekly Product Picks:
So, that was this weeks show.  If you get to it in time, check out the live version (recorded) over at Ustream, otherwise the feed should be available at your leisure either at PLM or on iTunes (reviews are always encouraged there too!).  Any comments, feedback, thoughts and ideas are always welcome on our respective sites…happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!
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