Too much time in Photoshop?

(Courtesy of the NAPP forums) You know you are spending too much time in Photoshop when:

  1. You go into a sandwich shop and order a Gallery Wrap
  2. You wonder whether “Reduce Noise” will work on the kids
  3. You look for the healing brush to fix your drywall
  4. Your idea of hitting the snooze button involves cloning the digits because it’s quicker
  5. When accused of gaining weight, you say it’s layers you choose not to discard
  6. When “Vanishing Point” becomes something you hope can be applied to your in-laws
  7. When “Sharpen More” is something you wish you could beat your students with
  8. You hear about a stimulus plan on the news and wish it had a “Auto-Enhance” or “More Accurate” option attached to it
  9. Your write-in candidate for the last presidential election was “A Configurator Panel”
  10. You try to move something by just putting your hand in front of it and dragging…

I know this is just a tip of the iceberg – let your creativity and originality shine through in the comments!  Until tomorrow – Happy Shooting!

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2 comments for “Too much time in Photoshop?

  1. March 18, 2009 at 8:03 am

    You call your conservatory the Lightroom……

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