Tips for Photo Walks

Hey all, sorry for the late posting today – in the middle of the week I don’t have as much time to put material together. However, a few weeks ago Scot Sherman and Michael Stein took a photo walk with some listeners from their Digital Photography Show while in Vegas. That, in conjunction with a new site developed specifically for photo walks, made me start thinking about the keys for success to photo walks, and what our local group (The South Carolina Photography Guild) does on a regular basis. Since I had already offered to share those thoughts with Scott and Michael, I figured it’d be an interesting subject for a “Thursday Thoughts.” So, I starting putting pen and ink together for a PDF supplemental post this week, and that’s been completed. In the interests of keeping the post short so everyone can enjoy the two-page diatribe on “Keys to Successful Photo Walks”, I’ll bid you all a thoughtful Thursday. Happy Shooting and remember to watch those apertures!

ETA:  Jeff Revell was interviewed on the DPS which was released yesterday. He does a write-up on the subject today (3/20), so I am going back into this post to add this link to that post.  Congrats Jeff!

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