Thursday’s Thoughts

Today is decidedly a non-photography thoughts kind of day.  I am taking the morning off of work to supervise the installation of some new kitchen counters!  That’s right – we pulled the trigger on some new counter tops back in November, and the fruits of the effort are being completed today.  The crew does seem competent enough, but let’s just say it’s a good thing I am keeping a close eye on things.  I suspect that (like most outsourced jobs), corners would be cut to save time and materials if I wasn’t in there asking if this detail or that detail would be completed before they left.

The back carport is on hold today as it’s a steady drizzle and they can’t paint with it as wet as it is.   (Oh, did I mention that we’re converting the carport into a 3-season screened in patio?).  The lead guy came out to collect some unused materials and let me know he had to wait for it to stop raining to pick back up, and we discussed a few minor details t be addressed.  Fun stuff.  I feel like a general contractor today – conducting the logistics and such of all these various subs.  I could see another career path calling! (kidding – IT will always be my bread and butter..)

I did do some before, during and will take some after shots to share later on (probably tomorrow)…

I the meantime, from this experience my thoughts are to always keep a close eye on outside labor – they stay on track and keep consistent quality throughout the project.  Until tomorrow, happy shooting and watch your apertures! 🙂

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