Thursday Thoughts – Part 1

I was catching up on the video recording today and realized that I had downloaded the last two Photoshop User TV shows from the end of December and this week but had not listened to either. So, I remedied the situation and watched both. Man! That last show had just tons of info in it. I couldn’t keep up they went so fast through stuff (especially at the end). Then, I thought – how can ANYONE keep up with that? I bet it’d be neat to have a condensed text version of all those shortcuts! Well, guess what, I am a little tired, but here’s a condensed version (PDF). Thanks and major shout outs to the guys at Photoshop User TV – always ahead of the curve and the rest of us (me anyway) are just watching in amazement at the prodigious amount of material y’all put out. For those of us with less time though, here’s a lite version. if you’re handy with PS – it helps. if you still are learning the ropes, better watch the video over at Photoshop User TV .

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