Thoughts on the new additions to the website?

Believe it or not, people have asked me in the past to give links out to some of my preferred vendors for things like books, gear, and other photography-related items. Since I don’t like to single out vendors usually, I’ll tell people to find the best deal nearest them so that they don’t have to pay for shipping things too far. I did notice when pricing some things recently through one of my preferred vendors though – that it was not the cheapest (which is what I was used to).  So I did a little research on a few products typical for a person like myself – that likes gadgets, understands that you often get what you pay for, but with the realization that the market is much more competitive now, and things may have changed.

Sure enough – it was more expensive on every count.  Boy was I shocked when Amazon was the lowest by comparison.  For the same product!  So, I am actually coming out and saying that my new preferred vendor for tech things like gear, books, and gadgets, Amazon is ruling the roost these days.  So much so, that I even created a widget for some of my own favorite products to include in the sidebar.  My concern though is whether people think it’s in their face – or are you blind to sidebar “ads”?  The reason for the quotes is because I think I am sometimes blind to these things too…the fancy splashy colors or changes that appear and change on my favorite reads either are blind to me, or I am not even seeing them because I get the feed.

So – couldn’t help but wonder – has anyone even seen the new Amazon recommended readings?  Were you “blind” to it?  Or do you pick things up through the feed?  I promise a better post is coming later today with the podcast and some great photography goodness for the weekend, but wanted to put this out there for some reader feedback.  Have a great day and there’s more tk…

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3 comments for “Thoughts on the new additions to the website?

  1. February 5, 2010 at 9:41 am


    Amazon absolutely has some amazing prices and I have no dearth of finding great photography related deals from Amazon and post them daily on my site.

    One place they are getting upended is the recent eBook pricing coup by the Pubhlishing houses with the announcement of Apple iPad. I don’t think it’s in my face and mostly read your stuff through the feed reader. But I visit the site when a post warrants a comment and take a look around.
    .-= @TheCamerani´s last blog ..Hasselblad H4D-40 Medium Format $19,995 DSLR Announced =-.

  2. MariaV
    February 5, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Amazon and Ebay are my preferred vendors. I haven’t picked up anything through the feed, but I have been very tempted.

    • February 5, 2010 at 2:20 pm

      LOL – don’t do it! If you do, you’ll find something else that goes perfectly with it, and then something else too, and another thing after that! 🙂

      Seriously, the great thing about the Amazon widget is that it lets me share my favorite gadgets with the readership, AND, as a perk for doing so, Amazon sends a few pennies over to help offset the expense of the blog if anything is ever purchased through that. The best part is that the pricing is the same for anyone who goes through that link…so it’s a win-win-win!

      Readers win b/c they get to see what my faves are and the best deals online
      Amazon wins b/c they get potential buyers
      I win b/c Amazon sends me a few pennies if anyone ever does buy something after cliking on a link (and it doesn’t even have to be what you originally clicked on…!)

      So, if you ever need something off Amazon – hit the blog first and follow through there before buying – you’ll get the same price as always, AND you support the blog/podcast! 🙂

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