The Newsletter is Back!

After a hiatus on the newsletter, I thought it might be a fun experiment to bring this back (enough of you have also sent me email asking if it would be coming back ever so thank you for your support)!  However, rather than just putting it out there, I have decided to make this a bonus feature for the email subscription group.  So, if you’d like to receive the newsletter, please let me know by signing up for the free delivery monthly!  Here’s what I hope to include in each newsletter:

  • Recent updates for events and photo galleries
  • Best of the Web – photos from the LDP Flickr group, hand-picked by me every month!
  • Contest Updates and Winner announcements, as well as notifications of future themes and prizes!
  • Workshop and Webinar Updates, including discount codes for savings if you ever want to attend
  • Download links for pre-releases of articles and eBooks that are not in the bookstore yet! (Discount codes are likely here too!)

The layout for the newsletter has been re-tooled too.  I know though – everyone is thinking “Show me the goods”…so this will be the last newsletter I will put up for direct download – all future ones will be email driven only!  Think of it as premium subscriber content, only you won’t have to pay for it!

Here’s the latest newsletter, with the new design:

Canon Blogger Newsletter

To get it, follow this link:

Get the Newsletter!

After this one though – it’s all email driven!  So how do you sign up?  Excellent question!  Hop over to the blog page (not the home page, the blog page – there is a difference! 🙂 ) and sign up through the new widget in the sidebar.  It will take a minute or two of your time initially, but after that – it’s all done, and I’ll make sure you get the regular monthly content delivered.  The best part about this?  I am still going to be sending it personally!

I have never liked automated systems – whether it’s a phone service, or a fake email service or anything like that!  No automated sends, or dealing with impersonal cover addresses – it’s coming from me directly.  I customize each and every newsletter with content that I would be willing to get from other bloggers and photographers, so expect no less of myself when sending you email every month!  I will simply pull the list at publish time, copy to a Blind copy line and attach the newsletter to my email.  So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

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