The never-ending tease…

With the company annual meeting coming up this week, I have been very busy with work-related stuff, that has only permitted me short bouts of time to do personal things, so I have not had a chance to record the podcast for today.  But, as a perennial teaser, I promise it will be up tomorrow, along with the newest edition of the “What’s This?” series.  Then, on Thursday, a new article has been finished, so I’ll be posting that material for your reading enjoyment.  (On a side note, I am also guest-blogging for Towner Jones Photography on Thursday too, so thanks to Rob for inviting me.  On that subject, if you read posts here or would like me to help out with a post from time to time, feel free to let me know as I am happy to share my efforts with others.)  So, lots in store for this week:

  • Podcast Episode #61 (Wednesday)
  • Weekly What’s This? (Wednesday)
  • Holiday Photography article (Thursday)
  • Mystery Post to be named soon (Friday)

So, thanks for keeping Canon Blogger in your feeds and tweets, hearts and minds, and all that jazz.  If you’re not a feeder or a tweeter, go pick up the feed or twitter link on the side panel and follow me there.  There’s also the poll for the season, so please share your opinion there too!  Lots going on so talk back to me and let me know what you think of all this photo and social activity!  Happy shooting and we’ll see you here tomorrow with a cornucopia of content!

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