The Droid Hath Come

That’s right folks – the time has come for an upgrade to my rinky dinky 1990’s flip phone.  I’ve gotten with the decade and upgraded to a Droid from Motorola (yes, I am on Verizon).  The upgrade was pretty smooth, although the “tech” at Best Buy had trouble migrating my contacts over.  Since I use Gmail for most of my contact info anyway, I figured it would migrate in pretty seamlessly once I got online and sure enough, everything pulled down no problem.

So, how is this related to photography?  Well, I can now take and share 5 MP photos with much more ease.  The Droid also has an app for Audioboo, so I can go back to creating audio shorts regularly on all things photography too.  Plus, as photographers, let’s face it, we are gadget-hounds, and this is definitely a gadget worth considering.  Here’s a couple pics I took of the Droid the other day:

Droid Main Screen

There’s the Main screen of the Droid, with my own wallpaper already selected as the background.  The audio port is the 3.5mm standard, and another neat feature I like is the micro-USB port for charging and tethering to a computer (that’s right, tethering to a computer!)  Check it out:

Droid Main Screen

And, the headphone jack which is right next to the on/off button – makes it easy to find and access:

Headphone jack

And, last but not least – the 5 MP camera!  This is probably what I am most excited about!

Droid Camera

If you’d like to see some actual pics from the camera… check out the new blog I set up just for that purpose.  I’ll try to post a shot or two every day over at:

That’s it for today, but more photo goodness coming tomorrow, but I can’t tell you yet (it’s a surprise!)…happy shooting and we’ll see you then!

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6 comments for “The Droid Hath Come

  1. May 6, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Tell me Mr. Jason…..have you experimented with tethered internet connection yet? If so…..fill us in!
    .-= Rich Charpentier´s last blog ..Red River’s Polar Metallic will be here next week =-.

    • May 6, 2010 at 12:58 pm

      Tethered internet? No…just tethered to computer – much easier in terms of transferring files and such between mobile and pc than the Touch…the apple way has you sync through iTunes – with the Droid all you do is plug it in – activate the connection and voila. (The connection is an easy swipe from the notification bar) – your Droid now shows up as a folder where you can simply drag and drop files to and from. Should I do a video of that? 🙂

  2. May 7, 2010 at 10:10 am

    I have the G1 (bought it right as it came out October 2008). I actually am running a Cyanogen build for the operating system and really like it. It is a bit slow at times (could be fun to upgrade at this point!) There is a wireless tether for internet that a friend of mine dropped on my phone and I have quit using a Sprint wireless card for the minimal amount I need to tether while on trips… It works great!

    I would love to see or be able to get all facebook/email/twitter/social stuff connected to my contacts in my phone so I can see all relevant conversations from the person (if that makes sense). There was a commercial about the “You” experience. Is that on your phone?

    Also… is that a flash!! If so, how cool is that!

    • May 7, 2010 at 12:57 pm

      All my gmail contacts dropped in auto-magically, hadn’t really checked to see if twitterites are in there too… I don’t recall the commercial so am not sure what to check.

      Yes, that is a flash! You can set it like any P&S camera to on/off/auto…very handy! 🙂

      • Kim Liddiard
        May 15, 2010 at 1:24 pm

        What I am looking for might be called Sense UI

        “In other, more down-to-earth news, HTC also released a new version of its Sense user interface. The updated software includes a “Friend Stream that seamlessly aggregates all of your social communication including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr into one organized flow of updates,” as well as improvements to the navigation, email application and browser. The software will ship on the new phones, and will be made available to some existing HTC customers, including those with the company’s Hero device.” Read more:

  3. May 8, 2010 at 9:31 am

    I can’t speak for the Droid 2, but i have a MyTouch Android and I use tethered internets ALL the time…I love it and it’s super easy with the app from I used the free version for a bit. but, then I couldn’t access things like Pandora and my school email. So, I paid for the app. It’s TOTALLY worth it! I use it to connect my Dell Mini 10v Netbook when I’m surfing or writing papers. It’s really snazzy too cuz it will tell you on the puter when you get text messages and I can respond to my text messages from the netbook as well. There definitely are some issues with slowness at times. But, nothing that has caused me to be annoyed for more than about 5 minutes ever.
    it’s SUWEET!

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