The Clock is Ticking…

We all have lists of things we want to do in any given calendar year, and without meaning to be the bearer of bad news, the clock is ticking on 2010!  So, if you’ve got that one shoot, project, or other goal still dangling out there, just waiting to be completed – time’s a-wasting!

2011 Calendar Finalists
2011 Calendar Finalists

One of my projects for 2010 was to finish my fine art calendar for 2011 sooner this year.  Procrastination kicked in and it was out at the very beginning of this year!  I swore to myself that the project would be completed in time for holiday shopping this year, and I am one step closer to that goal, as the final images have been decided upon, and it’s now simply time to generate the calendars.  Just another instance of following through on your goals…have you accomplished all you wanted to?  No better time than the present!

What goals did you have for the year?  Are you close to meeting them?  Still works in progress?  Completed and working on 2011 already?  I’ve got a few friends with projects already lined up for 2011, so sound off with your own ideas here and via email – I’ll be sharing your ideas (and questions) in the next podcast!  Can’t wait to hear what people have in store for 2011 (or have done for 2010).  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

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  1. October 11, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    We’ve definitely got ideas that we’re needing to start implementing. It’s probably not going to happen until we actually get a break in January or February though. We’ve got probably 5 or 6 different ideas that we’re really hoping will take off and turn into more buzz and more business.

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