The basement is… FINISHED!

Okay, you might be inclined to skip today’s post since it is totally a personal post, but don’t do that because it still  has something to do with photography (I took some pics of the progress, but they are not really all that great n terms of image quality – horrible on-camera flash, poor lighting, and just no lighting).  Nevertheless, in the interests of full disclosure, this is more just a Monday brag session!

Additionally, I should also note that the project was finished a while ago (two maybe three weeks), but I am just now putting all the shots together and into a photo montage and tracked to music.  YouTube compression also takes away from it to a certain degree, but you can get the gist.  Thanks go out to my brother-in-law Bill, for letting me use a track off his bands’ CD.  if you want to know more about the band, they are called Billband, the CD is called “Blurred” and the track is called Original Blend.  They can be found at

And now – the basement slideshow:

Like the video? Think it was horrible?  Want to learn more about how to create engaging and interesting videos and slideshows?  Already know how?  Share your ideas,feedback, suggestions, and such in the comments either over at YouTube or here on the blog.   n the meantime, Happy Shooting and be sure to stop back tomorrow for the completed presentation of another project – the weekly podcast!

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1 comment for “The basement is… FINISHED!

  1. March 30, 2009 at 6:16 am

    That’s very cool Jason. What a great job (of the video and the basement!). Well done.

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