Terrible Tuesday Stwess!!

Well, terrible Tuesday’s post is about the length of my latest video podcast severely biting me in the you-know-what.   As it turns out, Flash has this limitation of 160,000 frames, so to circumvent that, there seems to be only two options:  record in shorter segments and splice them together in Flash with Action scripts (I don’t have Flash…using another software solution right now, still in trial form…), or encode as a FLV file (the shorter flash videos have been encoded with the more common SWF format.  SWF gives higher resolution, loads faster, and is also more common…so I didn’t even know much about FLV prior to tonight and my history with swf/flv players in WordPress.  Well, since I don’t own flash, my only real option was to encode as an FLV file.  This is taking forever!  I am now looking into how to do Action scripts and purchasing Flash as it seems this might be a more viable long term solution for me…but, it does delay the Camera Raw tutorial another day.  It did give me some time to sit down re-tune the blog to allow for embedding flash video files locally, without needing to hang a video podcast out there hanging in the wind where it can’t get picked up by the all-important blogger feeds of the masses (iTunes included). So, I think I shall call it a night early, and make sure things are picture perfect tomorrow after work. For today, I guess the “masses” that tune in will just have to wait along with me in agony!

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